Command: vr_refresh

The vr_refresh command is used to update the firmware on a module.



  • [Options] - See the table below
  • [SINGLE_HEX_FILE_NAME] - The file name of the firmware update, including its path.
OPTION Alternate Argument(s) Description Default
-? --help Display this help information
--version Display the Version Number
-c --com Com_Port_Name Com port to use dev/ttyUSB0
-i --id Node_ID Node ID of the Module to update, use 255 for broadcast to all nodes 255
--sn Serial_Number The Serial Number any
--block_size Block_Size The block size of the firmware 1024
--timeout Timeout Set the connection Timeout in mS 1500
--skip_bootcheck Skip sending a bootcheck command
--skip_initial_reset Skip sending an initial reset command
-v --verbose Output verbose diagnostics
-r --reset Reset device upon completion
--UNLOCK Allow programming of the bootloader
---input_file Filename The file name of the firmware update file, including its path

Some of the options use two dashes "--," not a long dash

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