Tether Care and Handling

Tethers should be handled with care and inspected regularly. The following general guidelines are provided to help extend the life of the tethers.

Tether connectors and connections

  1. Do not allow dirt or debris to get into the female sockets.

  2. Do not allow the male pins to suffer from abrasion.

  3. Make sure the connector is clean before mating. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.

  4. Apply a light coating of silicone lubricant before connecting to its mate (unless told otherwise).

  5. Make sure to align the pins with sockets carefully to prevent damage while mating.

  6. Make sure the connection is completely sealed when connected.

  7. Use the connector locking devices.

  8. Use the appropriate strain relief and make sure the strain relief is connected properly to ensure there is no strain on the connector.

  9. Rinse the tether connectors in fresh water any time is has been disconnected from its mate.

  10. Use the tether connector caps to protect the tether connectors when the tether is not in use.

  11. Inspect tether connectors Periodically for corrosion or damage and inspect the sealing surfaces.

Tether Operations

  1. Do not crush the tether, including such concerns as closing it in the lid, stepping or driving on it.

  2. Do not tie the tether in a knot.

  3. Do not kink the tether.

  4. Do not bend the tether tighter than the minimum bend radius.

  5. Avoid passing the tether over rough surfaces or sharp edges.

  6. Avoid pinch points both above and subsurface.

  7. Coil loose tether using an over under or figure 8 technique to prevent twisting the tether.

  8. Do not drive the vehicle in repeated circles to prevent twisting the tether.

  9. Use a pulley /sheave to deploy the tether when not deploying directly by hand.

  10. Do not exceed the maximum tether strength ratings:
    • Tether cable = 450 kg (1,000 pounds) (internal rated Kevlar)
    • Tether strain relief = 136 kg (300 pounds)
    • Tether connector locking collars = 35 kg (75 pounds)
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