Tether to Tether Strain Relief

When connecting multiple tethers for an operation, each connection should be secured with a tether to tether strain relief to prevent separation of the connection. Use the following procedures to install and secure the strain relief cord for tether to tether connections. The ROV strain relief cable may already be attached to the tether. If so, it should be removed.

Failure to connect the strain relief properly may result in loss of the vehicle.

  1. Ensure that you have all three parts of the tether to tether strain relief as shown below.

  2. Ensure that both carabiners are labeled with '600lbs'. Older models of VideoRay ROVs used the '450lbs' rated carabiners and these should not be used with Mission Specialist systems.

    Using the incorrect carabiners may cause the strain relief to fail under loading.

  3. Connect one of the carabiners to one loop end of the tether to tether strain relief cord.

  4. Connect the carabiner to the tether strain relief webbing and secure the carabiner locking nut.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 using the second carabiner and strain relief webbing from the second tether.

  6. Make sure the strain relief cable connections are secure so that all of the load is carried by the strain relief and there is no load on the tether connection.

When working in an area where there is a chance the tether can become snagged on a protruding object, the connection can be wrapped with tape to prevent a protruding object from passing through the space between the tether and the strain relief cable.

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