Equipment Disinfection for Use in Potable Water

VideoRays are used by many companies for inspections in potable water systems. Always check with regional and local authorities for specific regulations and compliance requirements regarding the use of ROVs in potable water systems.

Failure to follow regional or local requirements for disinfection and use of ROVs in potable water may introduce contaminants into the water system and be detrimental to the public. Only those who are trained and qualified should use ROVs in potable water systems.

At the time this document was compiled, the MSS thrusters use an oil and dye that have not been rated for use in potable water systems. The MSDS and other product information for the oil is available: Oil MSDS Oil Product Data Sheet. The MSDS for the dye is also available: Dye MSDS. Please check with VideoRay regarding the current specifications for thruster oil and use in potable water systems.

The following procedure to disinfect the ROV prior to entering a potable water tank is recommended by John Conrady of Conrady Consultant Services and is used with permission.

Use of this procedure for decontamination of the equipment requires that the equipment has not been used in any liquid other than potable water is in a clean state. Equipment that has previously been used in salt or contaminated water or other liquid cannot be used in potable water.

  1. Create a 400 ppm chlorine solution by mixing of 1/2 ounce of bleach with 1 quart of water.

  2. Both of the operator's hands and a cloth glove should be sprayed with the 400 ppm chlorine solution.

  3. The ROV is removed from the case and the entire ROV exterior and the section of the tether which will be inserted into the potable water is sprayed with the 400 ppm chlorine solution while turning it to insure all surfaces are disinfected.

  4. The operator's hands and the cloth glove are periodically resprayed with the disinfectant solution and the ROV is lowered into the potable water by using the tether with the tether being additionally disinfected by the person by sliding the tether/umbilical through the hand/glove which is resprayed with the disinfectant solution every few seconds until the desired length of disinfected tether is inserted into the potable water.

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