Command: vr_enum

The vr_enum command is used to enumerate (list) the modules that are connected to the vehicle.


vr_enum [OPTIONS] [min explcit id] [max explicit id]

  • [Options] - See the table below
  • [min explicit id] - The minimum Node ID to include the list
  • [max explicit id] - The maximum Node ID to include in the list
OPTION Alternate Argument(s) Description Default
-? --help Display this help information
--version Display the Version Number
-c --com Com_Port_Name Com Port to use dev/ttyUSB0
-p --pretty Use nicer human readable device type display
-v --verbose Output verbose diagnostics
--timeout Timeout Connection timeout in mS 1,000
- --retry_count Retry_Count Set retry count for broadcast enumeration 5
--explicit either max_node_id or
min_node_id max_node_id
Explicit nodes to search,


To use vr_enum on modules connected to the communications module, you need to open a virtual port and specify the port to use. See for more information.

For Power, Communications, Thrusters and LEDs

  • vr_enum

For the AHRS and camera modules, you need to include the virtual port.

AHRS Module

  • vr_enum -c vrport2

Camera Module

  • vr_enum -c vrport3

Some of the options use two dashes "--," not a long dash

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