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My_Notes are easy to incorporate directly into the pages of this manual. They can be used to clarify content, add additional information, or document your custom settings, operational tactics or procedures. My_Notes are page specific and display at the bottom of the desired page under the "My_Notes" heading. No programming is required - it is as simple as saving a file with your notes.

Creating My_Notes

My_Notes can be written in HTML or plain text. HTML allows for more flexible formatting and inclusion of images or links to other web pages.

To add a My_Note, create an HTML or text file containing the note and save it in the VideoRay\My_Notes\ folder, which can be found in the computer account user's documents folder (Documents\ for Windows 7, or My Documents\ for Windows XP).

The file should be named the same as the page in which you want the note to appear, with a "my_" prefix (without the quotes). For example, if you want a My_Note to appear at the bottom of this page, the name of the file to create is: my_custom_my_notes.html. The name of the page being viewed can be found in the address bar of the browser being used to display this documentation.

Even if you are using a text file, the file name must end with the ".html" extension.

All My_Notes files are processed as HTML, so if you are using a plain text file, you will need to add "<pre>" (without the quotes) at the beginning of the file and "</pre>" (without the quotes) at the end of the file if you want to preserve the layout. The "<pre>" and "</pre>" will not show up in the display.

When using HTML, the My_Notes folder serves as the root for relative links. An images folder is included for you to store images. You may add other folders or files as desired.

Viewing My_Notes

When you reload the page, your My_Note will appear - there is nothing else to install or configure. A sample My_Note file has been included to display the My_Note below. You can use this file as a model for creating your own My_Notes.

Updating My_Notes

To update a My_Note, simply edit and re-save the My_Note file.

Removing My_Notes

My_Notes can be removed by deleting or renaming the My_Note file.

Sizing My_Notes Display (Optional)

The default vertical size for My_Notes is set to 200 pixels, which is used for the sample My_Note below. Due to browser limitations, My-Notes do not size dynamically. This means that a long My_Note may display a scroll bar in order to view the whole My-Note. You can adjust the size to eliminate the need for the scroll bar. To set the size of a My_Note, you need to edit the file named "my_notes_size_table.js" in the My_Notes\ folder (location defined above). The file contains one line for each page of this document using the following format:

    window.page_name = size_in_pixels;

Find the line for the page that includes the My_Note you want to resize and replace the value of size_in_pixels with the desired size in pixels. The page names are listed alphabetically. Example line from the "my_notes_size_table.js" file for this page:

    window.custom_my_notes = 200;

Note that ".html" in not included in the page name, and the line must end with a ";" Also, the optimum size required is dependent upon the size and aspect ratio of the browser window.

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