Before Contacting Support

Please make sure to consider the following information before contacting VideoRay's Technical Support to report a problem. The following information should available:

  • User name and contact information
  • Name of the owner if not the same as the user
  • System model
  • Serial Number of the affected component(s)
  • Accessories in use
  • Detailed information about the issue:
    • Symptoms
    • Operating conditions that create the symptoms
    • Anything new or unusually about the system or operations

Once you have collected the recommended information, visit the "How to Get Help" page for contact information.

In addition, please review VideoRay's Support website for additional information about:

  • Principles of Customer Interactions
  • Customer Care Philosophy
  • Technical Support Policy
  • Third Party Accessory Support Statement
  • Use of Non-VideoRay Supplied Computers
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Operator's Manual, Version: 1.00.00
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