Numerous accessories can be used with the MSS to extend its capabilities and range of performance. These accessories allow the MSS to support a wider variety of mission profiles.

This section provides an overview of what accessory equipment is available. For up-to-date information, including new accessories and updates, visit For information about installing and using accessories, including operational recommendations, please see the guides provided with each accessory.

Accessory Types

  • Submerged - devices mounted on the ROV or tether. The level of integration varies from none to tightly coupled use of power, data and control.

  • Topside - topside components of ROV mounted accessories (such as a computer, software and interface electronics).

  • Mission Support - for logistics support of operations, such as a generator, tables, awning for shade, etc.

Accessory Categories

  • Platform Integration / Autonomy

  • Imagery Support and Enhancement

  • Intervention

  • Propulsion

  • Sonar Systems

  • Position Tracking Systems

  • Sensors

  • Adapter Modules

  • Tether
  • Topside Support

  • Tactical Operations Support

Accessory Sources

  • Included

  • VideoRay Options

  • Third Parties

Accessory Use

Multiple accessories can be connected in parallel by the use of a stackable connector. The manipulator and cutter do not use a stackable connector, but can be used with other accessories by plugging in their connector as the last one in sequence.

The accessory port must be sealed with a terminated accessory connector or the accessory port terminator dummy plug. Failure to seal the accessory port may lead to loss of control of the ROV or damage to the components.

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