Expeditionary Splashproof Controller

The Expeditionary Splashproof Controller is a VideoRay custom tablet, frame and side-mounted hand controller pods. It is designed for compact, all weather use and convenience for the operator.

The Expeditionary Splashproof Controller is designed to be used as a stand-alone topside control console with the ROV on-board batteries and fiber tether/reel, or it can also be used in conjunction with the Workhorse Splashproof Control Console, which provides topside power for the ROV for continuous operations.

Setting Up the Controller

For general use, the tablet frame (which also serves as a docking station) can be connected to either the reel or the Workhorse Splashproof Control Console using the cable with the Fischer Push-pull connectors. This connection provides power (for charging) and communications with the ROV.

Controller Use

There are several ways to operate the controller. It can be placed on a working surface flat or using the attached kick-stand on the rear. It can also be hand-held, with or without the included neck strap.

When used with the Workhorse Splashproof control console, it can be mounted on the bracket in the lid of the console. This image shows the mounting plate for use with the Workhorse Splashproof control console and kick-stand.

Hand Controller Compatibility

The Expeditionary Splashproof Controller can be used with the integral side pods, or any other VideoRay Controller, including the IP65 hand controller or the Xbox Elite hand controller. When using with an external controller, the side pods should be removed.


To start the Expeditionary Splashproof Controller, press the power button on the right-hand side. Launch the ROV operating Greensea workspace software using the Defender icon on the desktop for your version of the Greensea Workspace.

To stop the system, first close the software, then select the system icon in the upper left and choose shut down

Failure to close the software and use the proper operating system shut down method can lead to loss of data or operating system corruption.


The Expeditionary Splashproof Controller is battery powered. It has a standard wall adapter, but can also receive charge through the connection cable to the reel or Workhorse Splashproof control console.

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