Emergency Response to a Snagged Tether/ROV

If the tether or ROV appears to be tangled or stuck, remember:

Do NOT Panic!

Do NOT Pull the Tether!

The first step is to assess the situation. Above all, you do not want to make the situation worse by trying to maneuver without knowing whether doing so will help or hurt.

If you can maneuver the ROV, try to turn around until you find the tether and follow it back to the point of the snag. You may need to turn left and right and with the camera looking up and down in order to find the tether.

If you are sure there are no knots in the tether, or it is not likely to get snagged tighter, you can try to pull the tether from the surface or by using the ROV to pull it away from the snag.

Tips and Possible Options

If you have a manipulator on the ROV, you may be able use it to assist with the untangling process. Even if you don't have a manipulator, you may be able to use a part of the ROV such as the skid to assist with manipulating the tether.

If you have a second ROV system available, you may be able use it to fully assess the situation and develop a plan or even assist with recovery.

If you can pilot the ROV to the surface, you can disconnect it and try to retrieve the loose tether. Make sure to turn off the power before disconnecting the ROV.

Thoughts on Being Prepared

Untangling a tangled or stuck tether is an important part of all ROV Pilot's training. If you have not been trained in these and other emergency procedures, you should consider participating in such training. Good pilots will also regularly practice untangling the tether and ROV along with other piloting exercises.

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