How Safe Is Safe Enough?

Addressing all aspects of safety while working in a water environment is beyond the scope of this documentation. VideoRay encourages you to participate in safety training appropriate for your industry and applications, including such topics as vessel operations, first aid, survival and other relevant topics.

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Safety First

Operating electrical devices in and near the water can be dangerous. There is always a risk of drowning or electrocution in such an environment. Reduce these risks by using common sense and observing safety regulations and recommended safe practices including the following:

  • Never handle power cords while in contact with water or allow power cord connectors or the control panel to enter the water. The only components that can safely be placed in water are the submersible, any onboard accessories and tether, and only after making sure the connections are secure.

  • Always test the safety components, such as GFCI switches and interlock devices, before beginning operations. Follow the procedures described in this manual for.

  • Have proper safety equipment, such as PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices), on hand and make sure you know how to use them before you need them.

  • Keep fingers, hair, loose clothing and other objects away from VideoRay's propellers and other pinch points.

  • Monitor weather and sea conditions and heed any warnings or alerts.

  • Be aware of and follow any legal ordinances or regulations in your area regarding operation of vessels and underwater equipment in the water.

Before setting up for or commencing any dive, it is a good practice to make sure there are no hazards to people or the equipment on land or in the water. If there are other people in the water nearby, you should advise them that you are going to be operating the ROV. As the owner/operator, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of those around you as well as that of the equipment and nearby property.

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