ROV Nomenclature

ROV nomenclature follows the general pattern for seagoing vessels. The image below provides a visual reference for the directions and attitude relative to the ROV.

ROV Orientation and Directions Reference

Bow - The front of the ROV.

Stern - The rear of the ROV

Port - The left side of the ROV when facing forward.

Starboard - The right side of the ROV when facing forward.

Fore - Towards the front or The forward direction.

Aft - Towards the rear of the rearward direction.

Surface - To ascend or move up in the water column to a shallower depth.

Dive - To descend or move down in the water column to a deeper depth.

ROV Attitude and Motion Reference

Surge - Forward and Reverse motion of the ROV, forward is positive.

Heave - Up and Down motion of the ROV, up is positive.

Sway - Left (to port) and Right (to starboard) lateral motion of the ROV, left is positive.

Yaw - Right (to starboard) and Left (to port) rotational motion of the ROV, right (clockwise, viewed from the top) is positive.

Pitch - Bow Up or Bow Down inclination of the ROV, bow up (clockwise, viewed from the port side) is positive.

Roll - Port UP or Port Down relative to Starboard, port up (clockwise, viewed from the rear) is positive.

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