Workhorse Operator Control Console

The Operator Control Console provides power, communications and a video interface between the surface and the ROV through the tether. The computer, which runs software to control the ROV, is housed in the Operator Control Console along with a display monitor .

Operator Control Console Power Specifications

The VideoRay MSS operates on typical residential power in the range of 100-240 Volts AC, 50,60 Hz. This can be provided from the land-based grid, a generator, or a battery with an inverter (optional). The typical power requirements for operating from a generator or inverter are 3,000 Watts continuous minimum.

The system includes a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) / Circuit Breaker to protect the operator.

The power in the tether is 400 Volts DC. This circuit is protected by a LIM (Line Insulation Monitor).

The procedures for testing the circuit safety components can be found in the Pre-Dive Preparations section of the Quick Start Instructions.

Do not block the Operator Control Console fans. Blocking the fans can lead to overheating and component failure.

Display Monitor Tilt Arm

The Display Monitor Tilt Arm on the left side of the Operator Control Console can be used to adjust the angle of the Operator Control Console lid and monitor. To adjust the angle of the monitor, loosen the locking collar, adjust the lid to the desired angle and tighten the locking collar.

Make sure to loosen the display monitor tilt arm before closing the Operator Control Console lid, and be careful when closing the lid to avoid damaging the computer or monitor or pinching any cables.

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