Software Updates

Software updates can be downloaded from

Username: quarterdeck
Password: quarterdeck

In the instructions below, replace <<name>> with the appropriate name for the most recent version. This name will be provided on any release notice you might receive. If do not know the name, it will be named using the following format: <<date>>_videoray_topside_<<ubuntu reference>>.run.

In the instructions below, <<configName>> is "defender" and "pro5" (use only one at a time and do not use the quotes).

  1. Log in to the download site
  2. Navigate to the greensea folder
  3. Download the latest <<name>>.run to the Downloads folder
  4. Open a Terminal Window and enter the following commands:
    1. rm gss_configs ((If this reports an error, use: rm -r gss_configs )
    2. rm -r gss_configs-<<configName>> (repeat for each vehicle model config file)
    3. cd Downloads
    4. chmod +x <<name>>.run
    5. sudo ./<<name>>.run oculus (or use the desired sonar)
    6. When prompted enter the password, use: videoray
  5. Start the workspace using the desktop icon
  6. Exit the workspace
  7. In the Terminal Window, enter the following commands
    1. cd .config/greensea_systems
    2. rm workspace.ini
    3. (Do not delete any other files, specifically gss.key)
  8. Close the Terminal Windows

The new version should be installed and ready to run. Contact VideoRay support if you need assistance.

MSS Defender
Operator's Manual, Version: 1.00.00
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