Operations Guide

This Operations Guide is provided to go beyond the Equipment and ROV control software guides to describe not just how the MSS works, but how to work with the MSS. There are numerous topics and tips that are outside of the scope of conventional system documentation that focuses only on the hardware and software. You will find recommendations and best practices, but you are also encouraged to use your best judgment and apply all of the information in this documentation and your experiences to your specific applications.

In addition to this guide, there are other sources of information about ROV operations that you might consider. These include training, support and user forums. There are links to these resources at the bottom of each page. The Community Link at the bottom of the page provides access to http://www.rovinfo.com, which is a great resource to meet other VideoRay and ROV operators and exchange information and tips with them.

MSS Defender
Operator's Manual, Version: 1.00.00
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