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The use of checklists can facilitate the execution of the planning, logistics and operating phases of ROV missions. Consider using the ones provided with this documentation, or customize them or create your own to better meet your specific needs.

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Mission Planning

Once the basic objectives for an ROV mission have been established, there are several additional, and critical, requirements that need to be identified before rushing off to the dive site. Each of these additional requirements can be defined by developing a list of questions and thinking through the answers. Some of the answers may lead to more questions. With the information gathered by answering the questions, appropriate decisions can be made and your plan developed.

Below is a representative list of requirements and corresponding questions. This list is not comprehensive, and is only intended to serve as a guide for you to develop your own list of appropriate requirements and questions.

  • Define the safety requirements
    • How many PFDs are needed?

    • Are there any known hazards in the operating area?
      • Is the water contaminated or potentially contaminated?

  • Define the ROV equipment requirements
    • How much tether will you need?
      • How deep do you plan to dive?
      • How far is the dive target from the set up location?

    • Are accessories needed?
      • What is the water visibility?
      • Will you need to retrieve anything?

  • Define the additional equipment requirements
    • What are the site conditions?
      • Will you have power available or need to supply your own?
      • Will you need insect repellent?

    • What will the weather be?
      • Will you need to bring extra clothes or rain gear?
      • Will you need to bring sun screen?

    • How long do you expect the mission to last?
      • Will you need to bring food?
      • Will you need extra staff for multiple shifts?

  • Define the time-frame requirements
    • How long do you think it will take to accomplish your goals?

    • How long do you have to accomplish your goals?

    • Are there any schedule constraints?

  • Define the staff skill requirements
    • Will you need extra staff to transport the equipment?

    • Will you need someone to liaise with the public on-site?

  • Define the transportation requirements
    • Will you be operating from the shore or a vessel?

    • How much equipment and how many people will you bring?

  • Define any unique requirements
    • Is the area of operation under any jurisdiction that requires you to get a permit for access or ROV operations?
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