Electronics Components Care and Handling

Electronic components (circuit boards) are susceptible to damage from ESD (Electro-Static Discharge). Numerous sources are available that provide background information and recommend procedures for handling these components. These procedures should be followed when directly handling VideoRay's electronic components.

ESD is caused by the build up of static electricity. Steps to reduce the build up of static electricity or drain off any static build up are encouraged in order to prevent ESD damage.

General Guidelines for handling electronic components include:

  • Avoid static build up in the work area
    • Avoid carpet in work areas
    • Maintain proper humidity levels: 40 - 60%
  • Implement practices to prevent static build up
    • Provide ground points in the work area
    • Wear a grounded wrist strap
    • Provide grounded static dissipative mats on work surfaces and floors
    • Wear static dissipative outer clothing
    • Work standing rather than sitting

  • Use ESD protective packaging

If you cannot work in a properly equipped ESD safe area, there are some general precautions you can follow in addition to the above.

  • Always touch a metal ground to dissipate any static charge build up before handling circuit boards.
  • When transferring a circuit board to another person or work surface, touch the person or surface with your free hand to dissipate and static charge build up.
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