O-Ring Care and Handling

O-Ring Rule of Thumb - If in doubt, throw it out! Generally, when compared to the equipment they are protecting, O-rings are very inexpensive. Should an incorrectly sized or damaged O-ring be installed, the result can be catastrophic. If there is any doubt as to the suitability or condition of an O-ring it should be replaced.

O-rings and other components with sealing surfaces should never be handled with dirty or gritty hands. A small amount of dirt trapped next to an O-ring will cause leakage, which could result in serious damage to the ROV's internal components. The most common situation is a single strand of hair or lint, so care should be taken to ensure a clean work area. Should an O-ring or sealing surface become dirty, wash it with mild soap and water, and then rinse it with clean water. Avoid scratching the surfaces of the O-ring grooves and landings. Do not use sharp objects such as a knife or screwdriver to pry apart sealed assemblies or remove O-rings. Serious damage to the O-ring or the seat may result.

O-ring Lubrication - VideoRay recommends the use of pure silicone spray or the O-ring lube kit that comes in the standard tool kit. Other lubricants can lead to deterioration and failure of the O-rings and components. Do not use other lubricants! Other lubricants may cause deterioration or attract dirt and lead to leaks or premature failure.

O-ring Inspection - O-rings wear out over time. Inspect all O-rings whenever a sealed assembly is apart. "Healthy" O-rings are soft, flexible and have not been pinched or nicked. Should an O-ring appear brittle, or have apparent cracks, nicks, or evidence of being pinched or permanently compressed, it should be replaced. Sealing surfaces should also be inspected while an assembly is apart. The surfaces should be examined to determine that they are free of dirt, nicks, scratches, or damage, which may result in seal failure once reassembled.

O-ring Storage - O-rings should be stored in clean plastic bags to protect them from dust when not in use. Avoid prolonged storage in direct sunlight as this may result in deterioration of the O-ring material. Stored O-rings should be sorted with regard to type and size with that information noted on the storage bag. Use of an incorrect O-ring can result in an ineffective seal.

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