Hull Materials Care and Handling

Aluminum Hull Components

VideoRay's aluminum parts are protected by anodizing and/or ceramic coatings. The use of metal tools can scratch these coatings leading to corrosion. Be careful when working with with metal tools near hull parts. Use only wood or plastic tools when the tool must contact an aluminum hull component.

Main Dome and Light Dome

The domes should be cleaned with mild soap and water. They are acrylic and small scratches can be buffed out.

Do not use cleaners that contain alcohol or other solvents. Solvents can make the domes brittle.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion results from dissimilar metals being in contact when exposed to a conductive medium like salt water. Make sure all stainless steel fasteners are not in direct contact with aluminum hull parts. VideoRay uses nylon spacers for these contact points to keep the materials separated. Always make sure to use these spacers when reassembling parts after routine maintenance or a repair.

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