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The use of operations logs is highly recommended to track operations and develop historical profiles of the equipment, operators and missions. Consider using the ones provided with this documentation, or customize them or create your own to better meet your specific needs.

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On-site Operations

On-site operations can be hectic and demanding. The following information can help maintain order and productivity.

Site Selection and System Set Up

The following recommendations should be considered when selecting a site and setting up the equipment:

  • Select a level site if possible
  • Orient the panel for best visibility (avoid glare), and piloting reference (directions on the screen match real world directions)
  • Watch for tripping hazards from the tether or power cord
  • When operating from a vessel, make sure the system is physically secure in case of rough seas
  • Watch for tether pinch points hazards around docks or chaffing hazards around rocks or coral

The ROV Team, Their Roles and Responsibilities

While one person can operate a VideoRay, having multiple people participate can be valuable or may even be required in some situations. The following roles and responsibilities are suggested to assist in developing an efficient and effective ROV team.

Role Responsibility and Tips
Pilot Pilots are responsible for operating the ROV in a safe manner while navigating the ROV to achieve the mission objectives. Pilots should wear dark colored shirts to avoid brightly colored glare in the monitor.
Tether Handler The tether handler, also affectionately called the "Tether Monkey," supports the pilot by managing the tether, including: making sure the right amount is deployed, keeping it away from surface hazards like a propeller, keeping loose tether on the surface neat and communicating with the pilot. The Tether handler should wear gloves to assist in gripping the tether, to keep their hands warm and dry, or for protection when operating in contaminated water.
Accessory Operator On some missions the pilot must focus intently on navigating the ROV. Trying to have the pilot operate an accessory at the same time may be counter productive. Having an accessory operator will reduce the burden on the pilot and allow the accessory operation to be conducted with more attention to its requirements.
Supervisor The supervisor should manage the team, and make sure the objectives of the project are being met. On long duration missions, supervisors should consider rotating shifts or rotating roles to keep the crew at peak performance levels. Supervisors are often called upon to log the operations to maintain a record of the dive.
Technician Technicians maintain the equipment and repair it as necessary. They should also maintain maintenance and repair logs. Technicians can also serve as equipment and logistics managers.

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