Mission Support Accessories

In addition to the equipment that is included with each MSS configuration and the commercially available accessories, VideoRay recommends users procure a variety of mission support items. The list of recommended items will vary depending on the typical mission requirements, although it will be obvious that some of these items have general applicability to all mission profiles.

These brief lists are intended to provide a sample and stimulate thinking about what you might want to add to your "operations kit:"

General Logistical Support

  • Basic operations support items including tables and chairs, foul weather gear, food, water, etc.
  • Power sources including generators and batteries/inverters
  • Supplemental video display devices for large group viewing (this can help prevent people from hovering over and distracting the pilot)
  • Supplemental tools, such as a flashlight, knife, tape, cable ties, etc.
  • Supplemental spare parts for field repairs (Basic spares are included for some items)

Tactical Operations Support

  • Tether weights and davit
  • Retrieval devices or baskets
In general, VideoRay does not supply these items, and users must procure them on their own.

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