User Maintenance Policy

User's are ultimately responsible for the safe operation and longevity of their VideoRay equipment by minimally following best practices outlined in the Operator's / Maintenance Manual, recognized industry standards and using common sense.

VideoRay strongly recommends that all service and repair of VideoRay equipment owned by users be carried out by VideoRay Certified Technicians at VideoRay Authorized Service Centers. Equipment leased from VideoRay MUST be returned to a VideoRay Authorized Service Center for service and repair.

VideoRay also understands that logistics and other issues may make it difficult and costly to return the equipment to a Factory Authorized Service Center for completion of some of the simpler procedures. The following procedures are considered acceptable for the owners and lessees to complete without impact on the warranty. Note that cleaning components is a required condition for continued warranty protection and that failure to exercise reasonable care during these procedures may result in warranty claims being denied.

  • Cleaning components
  • Lubricating connectors
  • Removing and replacing:
    • Float Block
    • Skid
    • Propellers
    • Thruster Nozzle
    • Modules in their entirety
    • Externally Mounted Accessories

Instructions for performing these procedures are included in the Operator's / Maintenance Manual. Users who do not feel comfortable completing these procedures are invited to contact VideoRay for assistance.

Opening modules or the control panel may void the warranty.

For users who want to complete service and repair procedures beyond the scope of the above list on their own, VideoRay offers Advanced Maintenance courses and Factory Service manuals for additional fees. These may be valuable for situations where the equipment will be used for mission critical applications or in remote locations. However, the best advice in these situations is to maintain spare equipment on-site for instant resumption of operations in the event of failure.

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