System Voltage Advisory

AC Input

Input voltage is universal at 100-240 VAC; 50, 60 Hz. The power requirement for the Mission Specialist operating at full power settings is 3,000 Watts. A 2,000 Watt source (i.e. generator) can be used if the system will not be used at full power settings.

ROV DC Power

Historically, the tether voltage to power the ROV has been increasing. Economy models (including the Scout, Explorer and Voyager), Pro 3 variants and the Pro 4 Ultra use 48 V DC for vehicle power. The Pro 4 uses 74 V DC. Mission Specialist systems uses 400 V DC with plans to use higher voltages in the future. Systems with voltages higher than 48 V DC include a LIM (Line Insulation Monitor) protection module in the ROV DC circuit.

System components should not be connected to voltage sources higher than their rating.

VideoRay Negative, Neutral and PPT tethers are rated to 600 V DC and are safe to use on any system through the Mission Specialist 400 V DC.

The standard TDS and Extended TDS are only rated to 300 V DC and should not be used with Mission Specialist systems or components.

The new version of the extended TDS is available that includes a 600 V rated slip ring.

If you have any questions about system voltage and compatibility, contact VideoRay Support.

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