Tether connects the ROV to the surface and provides power, communications, video and an APIC (Auxiliary Pair of Independent Conductors) for accessory use. The tether consists of conductors, a Kevlar® strength member, flotation (for Neutral and Performance tethers) and an outer jacket. It is available three types: Negative, Neutral and Performance (often called PPT), and can be purchased in standard and custom lengths. Neutral and Performance are neutrally buoyant in fresh water because they have a specially designed foam jacket.

While larger conductors provide the best power transmission capacity, they lead to thicker tethers, which results in higher drag. Negative tether has the largest conductors (best power transmission capacity), followed by Neutral, and then Performance. Negative and Performance tether have the smallest diameter (least drag), while Neutral tether has the largest diameter.

The tether connectors are wet mateable and can be connected while they are wet. One of the pins in the connector is offset. To connect the tether to the ROV, control panel or another tether, align the offset pin of the connectors and press the two connectors together until the base surface of each connector are touching each other. Then, connect the tether locking sleeves by screwing them together to secure the connection.

Multiple tethers can be connected in series like conventional power extension cords. See the Tether Management section of the Operations Guide for recommended tether configurations.

Always secure the tether connectors using the locking sleeves and strain relief system to avoid separation and loss of the ROV.

The strain relief system includes a carabineer that could get hooked on something underwater and cause the ROV to become trapped. To avoid this possibility, tape over the carabineer with electrical or duct tape.

The tether connectors should be kept clean to avoid abrasion and corrosion on the electrical contacts and damage to the rubber insulation. Tether connectors should not be lubricated with petroleum products or grease. Petroleum will degrade the rubber and grease will attract dirt and lead to abrasion and corrosion. VideoRay recommends lubricating the tether connectors with pure silicone spray.

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