Piloting in Deep Water

Working in deep water presents its own set of challenges.

  • For long tether runs, use negative tether because it can transmit more power and has minimal drag. A short section of performance or neutral tether should still be used at the ROV unless the tether can always be held above the ROV.

  • Add a weight to the tether several meters behind the ROV. Make sure to distribute the stress of the weight connection along a section of tether rather than tying the weight to one point. Remember, you will need to retrieve the weight, and this can be difficult if the tether is long.

  • To speed descent, grasp a disposable weight in the manipulator. When you reach your operating depth release the weight in order to be able to pilot the ROV better.

  • Use the vertical thruster to pitch the nose downward, and then use the horizontal thrusters to add more power to dive or surface.

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