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When Auto Depth is On, the vertical thruster may spin on its own. Keep fingers, hair and objects away from the vertical thruster when Auto Depth is On.

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Auto Depth

Auto Depth can be used to maintain an existing depth, or surface or dive to a specified depth. Auto Depth is designed to be as seamless as possible so that you can pilot without having to constantly engage and disengage it when alternating between hovering and changing depths.

How Auto Depth Works

When Auto Depth is engaged, the ROV will automatically respond to changes in depth (measured by the pressure sensor) by applying vertical thrust to maintain the current depth (pressure).

Using Auto Depth to Hover

To engage Auto Depth, click on the Auto Depth button. This will engage Auto Depth at the current depth. You will also notice a depth value in square brackets in the text overlay and a green depth indictor in the depth display. These indicate the target depth. To move to a new depth, rotate the depth control knob using the joystick until the target indicator reaches the desired depth, or type in the desired depth next to the Auto Depth button and click the Apply button.

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