Piloting Tools

VideoRay MSS control software provides several tools to assist the operator when piloting the ROV. These include:

  • Auto Modes
    • Auto Heading
    • Auto Depth
    • Auto Altitude
    • Auto Pitch
  • Station Keeping
  • Course Following
    • Incremental
    • Go to...
    • Waypoint Routes

Auto Flight and Course Following Checklist

Auto flight and course following modes rely on vehicle sensors to control vehicle motion. It is important that the the vehicle sensors be calibrated or configured correctly and operating properly. The following checklist can be used to ensure the system is configured and prepared for auto flight.

  1. Open the Diagnostics Panel
    1. Set Desired Units of Measure
    2. Configure Text Overlay
    3. Set Initial Thruster Gain
  2. Return to the Flight Operations Panel
    1. Zero Depth
      • Verify Depth
  3. If Using a DVL
    1. Set DVL Range
      • Verify Depth
  4. If Operating Using Geolocation
    1. Load Map
    2. Set Declination
      • Verify Heading
    3. Fuse GPS
      • Verify Location
      • Turn off Fuse GPS

Fuse GPS should only be used when Station Keeping and Waypoint Following is Off. If either is on when Fuse GPS is selected, the ROV may make a rapid and unexpected excursion.

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