Pro 4 Operator Curriculum

The success of our customers is directly proportionate to the quality of instruction they receive when they take delivery of their system. Better training translates into a higher mission success rate, fewer catastrophic "incidents", and an overall better product experience. And, as expected, some training is better than no training at all.

Pro 4 Basic Operator Training Videos

Since there is no such thing as too much training and we realize not all customers can attend training in person, VideoRay has produced a series of very basic instructional videos.

Topics in this Playlist

  1. Unpacking Your New Pro 4 ROV System
  2. Inside the Pro 4 Submersible Case
  3. Inside the Pro 4 Control Console
  4. Connecting the Pro 4 Components
  5. Powering Up the Pro 4 ROV
  6. Ballasting the Pro 4 Submersible
  7. Installing the Pro 4 Control Console Sunshade
  8. Basic Tether Management
  9. Pro 4 VideoRay Cockpit Control Software Overview
  10. Pro 4 Accessory Port and Accessories
  11. Pro 4 Basic Tool Kit
  12. How to change a Pro 4 Cartridge Seal
  13. How to change the Pro 4 Propellers
  14. Installing the Manipulator on a Pro 4 Submersible
  15. Installing the BlueView Sonar on a Pro 4 Submersible

This playlist includes a basic introduction to setting up the equipment. It is not intended to cover operational tactics with the exception of basic tether management. Additional training is advised.

If there are additional topics you would like to learn, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

VIDEORAY BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS (Click on "Playlist" to select desired video)

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