Mission Specialist Pro 5 Using Auto Modes

Lesson Description

  • This lesson provides a detailed description of the Mission Specialist Pro 5 Auto Modes and their use.
  • Topics

    1. Auto Modes Overview
    2. Auto Modes
    3. Activating an Auto Mode
    4. The "Set Point"
    5. Heading, Depth Indicators
    6. Manual Control in Auto Mode
    7. Auto Mode Example
    8. Jog Controls
    9. Keyboard Arrow Keys
    10. Emergency Stop
    11. Additional Notes
    12. Runaway Set Point Warning
    13. Recovering from a Runaway Set Point
    14. Auto Modes Summary
  • Lesson Duration: Approximately 8 minutes.

Intended Audience

  • Operator Candidates
  • Technician Candidates

Learning Objectives

  1. Be aware of what Auto Modes are available and what aspects of vehicle motion they control.
  2. Be able to engage and disengage each of the Auto Modes.
  3. Be aware of the Set Point, what it indicates and how to control it.
  4. Be able to use the Auto Modes in conjunction with manual input.
  5. Be aware of the differences between Auto Modes and Jog Controls.
  6. Be aware of the Auto Modes to which Jog Controls apply.
  7. Be able to adjust the Jog Control Increment.
  8. Be able to use the Jog Controls via the keyboard or screen in conjunction with the appropriate Auto Modes.
  9. Be able to stop the Jog Control action when necessary.
  10. Be aware of the possibility of an auto mode not being able to achieve the Set Point.
  11. Be able to correct for an auto mode not being able to achieve the Set Point.

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. VideoRay Mission Specialist Introduction Video
  2. How to Use these Lessons
  3. Safety First
  4. Mission Specialist Pro 5 System Overview
  5. Mission Specialist Standards of Equipment Care and Handling
  6. Mission Specialist Pro 5 Computer Overview
  7. Greensea Workspace Overview
  8. Mission Specialist Pro 5 IP65 Hand Controller Mapping
  9. Mission Specialist Pro 5 Quick Start Instructions
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