Multibeam Sonar Introduction

Lesson Description

  • This lesson provides an introduction to interpreting sonar images and using some of the controls to adjust the area of coverage or image quality.
  • Topics

    1. Multibeam Sonar
    2. Simple Scene
    3. Simplified Sonar Image Generation
    4. Sonar Specifications
    5. Sonar Frequency
    6. Sonar Range
    7. Sonar Gain
    8. Color Mapping
    9. Color Palettes
    10. Image Tuning
    11. Threshold
    12. Intensity
    13. Target Quality Factors
    14. Sonar Pitch Angle Horizontal
    15. Sonar Pitch Angle Down 5° - 10°
    16. Sonar Pitch Angle Extreme Down
    17. Image Interpretation
    18. Tires
    19. Flat Plate
    20. Tall Object
    21. Vehicle
    22. Box, Hole, Mound
    23. Did You See the Fish?
    24. Fish
    25. Measuring Objects Using Sonar
    26. Advanced Settings
  • Lesson Duration: Approximately 22 minutes.

Intended Audience

  • Operator Candidates
  • Technician Candidates

Learning Objectives

  1. Be aware of how a sonar image is created and what it represents.
  2. Be aware of what information a sonar image can and cannot present.
  3. Be aware of the adjustments that can be made to a sonar image.
  4. Be aware of the characteristics of different sonar frequencies.
  5. Be able to select the frequency of the sonar for sonars that support multiple frequencies.
  6. Be able to adjust the range of the sonar.
  7. Be able to adjust the gain of the sonar.
  8. Be able to select the color palette used to display the sonar image.
  9. Be able to adjust the threshold and intensity of the sonar image.
  10. Be able to identify typical underwater features or objects from a sonar image and adjust the sonar settings to provide the best image possible for a given scene.

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. VideoRay Mission Specialist Introduction Video
  2. How to Use these Lessons
  3. Safety First
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