Mission Specialist Defender Manual Control Exercises

Lesson Description

    This exercise set is designed for new users are their first exposure to the world of piloting an ROV and experience as a tether handler and a pilot.
  • Topics

    1. Overview
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Tether (mis)Management
    4. Tether Management
    5. TDS - Tether Deployment System
    6. Tether Coiling Practices
    7. Figure Eight Coiling
    8. Over Under Coiling
    9. Tether Connections
    10. Managing Tether
    11. Piloting Skills Development
    12. Vehicle Handling Characteristics
    13. Drive a Box
    14. Follow a Horizontal Feature
    15. Follow a Vertical Feature
    16. Hold Station
    17. Maintain a Heading
    18. Estimating Turns
    19. Find and Follow Your Tether
    20. Forward then Reverse
    21. Penetrate an Opening
    22. Orbit an Object
    23. Tie / Untie a Knot
    24. Manipulator Skills Development
    25. Manipulator Retrieval
    26. Manipulator Placement
    27. Tether Manipulation
    28. Summary
  • Lesson Duration: Approximately 3 minutes.

Intended Audience

  • Novice Operator Candidates
  • Technician Candidates

Learning Objectives

  1. Familiarization with the physical set up procedures for a Mission specialist Defender.
  2. Understanding the control and response of the ROV to manual inputs.
  3. Awareness and understanding of how to control the system and prevent damage to or harm to people, the ROV or property (e.g. working in a marina near boats).
  4. Gain confidence by working through a progression of increasingly challenging exercises.
  5. Preparation for using the ROV in real world conditions.

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. VideoRay Mission Specialist Introduction Video
  2. How to Use these Lessons
  3. Safety First
  4. Mission Specialist Defender System Overview
  5. Mission Specialist Standards of Equipment Care and Handling
  6. Mission Specialist Defender Computer Overview
  7. Greensea Workspace Overview
  8. Mission Specialist Defender Xbox Elite Hand Controller Mapping or Mission Specialist Defender IP65 Hand Controller Mapping
  9. Mission Specialist Defender Quick Start Instructions
  10. Mission Specialist Defender Camera and LED Lights
  11. Introduction to ROV Field Operations
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