Mission Specialist Defender Dynamic Positioning and Jog Controls

Lesson Description

  • This lesson provides a detailed description of the Mission Specialist Defender Dynamic Positioning and Jog Controls.
  • Topics

    1. The Challenge
    2. What Is Dynamic Positioning
    3. How Does Dynamic Positioning Work
    4. Dynamic Positioning in Action
    5. Prequisites for Dynamic Positioning
    6. Engaging / Disengaging Dynamic Positioning
    7. The Station Keeping Station
    8. Manual Override of Dynamic Positioning
    9. Dynamic Positioning vs Auto Modes
    10. Autonomous Modes
    11. Jog Controls
    12. Jog Controls Buttons
    13. Emergency Stop
    14. Keyboard Jog Controls
    15. Shifted Keyboard Jog Controls
    16. Xbox Elite Jog Controls
    17. Shifted Xbox Elite Jog Controls
    18. DP and Jog Controls Summary
  • Lesson Duration: Approximately 13 minutes.

Intended Audience

  • Operator Candidates
  • Technician Candidates

Learning Objectives

  1. Be aware of the Dynamic Positioning capabilities of the Defender.

  2. Be aware of what requirements are necessary for Dynamic Positioning to be engaged.
  3. Be able to engage and disengage Dynamic Positioning.
  4. Be able to adjust the Jog Control Increment.
  5. Be able to operate the Jog Controls in conjunction with Auto Modes and Dynamic Positioning.
  6. Be able to use Jog Controls via the Xbox Elite hand controller, keyboard or screen inputs.

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. VideoRay Mission Specialist Introduction Video
  2. How to Use these Lessons
  3. Safety First
  4. Mission Specialist Defender System Overview
  5. Mission Specialist Standards of Equipment Care and Handling
  6. Mission Specialist Defender Computer Overview
  7. Greensea Workspace Overview
  8. Mission Specialist Defender Xbox Elite Hand Controller Mapping or Mission Specialist Defender IP65 Hand Controller Mapping
  9. Mission Specialist Defender Quick Start Instructions
  10. Mission Specialist Defender Using Auto Modes
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