Pro 4 Advanced Maintenance

The VideoRay Pro 4 Advanced Maintenance Course is designed for technician level personnel to be able to diagnose, disassemble, repair and reassemble VideoRay ROVs and Control Panels. This course will also include VideoRay Cockpit software instruction and troubleshooting and an overview of accessories integration.

  • Do you need factory level knowledge of your VideoRay?
  • Can you field diagnose problems that may occur during operation?
  • Do you need to support an organization's VideoRay fleet?
  • Are you up to date on the latest system technical information and proven techniques?


  • The Appropriately Equipped VideoRay Workshop
  • Basic VideoRay Systems Design and Construction
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Repair / Reassembly Techniques
  • Accessories Integration Overview

intended Audience

This course is designed for novice through intermediate users of the Pro 4 who want to learn more about periodic maintenance, diagnosing problems, and completing repairs and post reopair testing.

Course Objectvies

  • Learn about the required equipment and personal safety issues for working with VideoRays
  • Learn abou the necessary and proper techniques for handling VideoRay components
  • Learn how to identify the parts of the ROV and control panel and their function
  • Learn how to isolate problems and identify failed components
  • Learm how to replace and test components up through testing complete systems
  • Learn how to make most VideoRay field and bench repairs

Course Prerequisites:

Completion of The Videoray Pro 4 Basic Operator Course along with:

  • Basic understanding of your VideoRay Pro 4 system components
  • Basic understanding of the care and handling of underwater systems
  • Experience with genenarl light mechanical activities

  • Experience with electronic test equipment

Course Length

  • Two (2) Days

Course Fee

  • $3,995/person (course fee only – includes two days of instruction and course materials, does not include accommodations, meals, or travel)

Class Schedule

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No classes are currently scheduled.

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