Knowledge Requirement 1b

VideoRay Pro 5 System Component Identification

Operators should be able to identify each component of the ROV system and explain its function/purpose. For any component that is configurable (for example, Ballast), be able to describe what factors affect the selection of the proper configuration and in what ways. For any component that has a display (for example, LIM), be able to describe the meaning of the information displayed and any actions to be taken as indicated by the information. For any component used for input (for example, hand controller), be able to explain the input and expected response to such input.

  1. ROV
    1. ROV Frame
    2. ROV Float Block
    3. ROV Ballast
    4. Power Module / Communications Module
    5. Thruster Modules (Qty 3)
    6. AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System / Navigation) Module
    7. Camera Modules
    8. LED Light Modules (Qty 2)
  2. Tether
    1. Connection
    2. Tether to ROV Strain Relief System
    3. Tether to Tether Strain Relief System
    4. TDS (Tether Deployment System)
  3. Control Panel
    1. Power Input
      1. Power Requirements
    2. Mains Power Switch
    3. Mains Power Indicator
    4. ROV Power Switch
    5. ROV Power Indicator
    6. GFCI Safety Circuit
    7. LIM Safety Circuit
    8. Interlock Safety Circuit
    9. Data Ports
      1. HDMI (Qty 2)
      2. USB (Qty 5+2)Ethernet (Qty 1)
    10. 12 V DC Auxiliary Power (Qty 2)
    11. Cooling Fans
    12. Monitor Brightness Knob
    13. Keyboard / Mouse
    14. Topside GPS
    15. Tilt Arm
    16. Sun Shade
  4. Hand Controller
    1. IP65 Hand Controller
  5. Vehicle Accessories
    1. Oculus M750d Dual Frequency Multibeam Sonar
    2. Blueprint Lab Rotating Manipulator
      1. Overlapping "V" Jaw
    3. Blueprint Seatrac USBL
    4. Topside GPS
  6. Extras
    1. Tools Kit
    2. Spares Kit
    3. Carry Cases
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