Curricula & Certificates

While each instructor-led training event, virtual lesson, manual or tip in this library can be viewed independently, some topics build on knowledge learned in other ones. These information can be grouped and sequenced into curricula for various roles including Operators and Technicians. Within each of these roles there is a progression of competencies from Novice through Advanced. While training provides a foundation for building your competencies and advancing your career, experience plays a large role in achieving the higher level competencies.

The following diagram represents the increasing knowledge and skills learned as one progresses from Novice (in the center) through advanced levels. It is like an onion that grows outwards in Layers. Notice that as you progress outward, there is a tendency to specialize, so that, for example, a general operator can choose to focus their advancement in piloting or a maintenance and repairs career path. At the most advanced levels around the outside, there is a need to give back to the community through mentoring and contributing to the knowledge base through presentations and publications.

Career Path "Onion"

The curricula on the following pages are available to help guide you though the lessons and other documents in a sensible order to help you get the most value from your learning experience.

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