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Blueprint Lab

Alpha Rotating Grabber

VideoRay ROV Compatibility Guide

Defender Pro 5 Pro 4 Pro 4 Ultra Pro 3 series Economy series

- Plug and Play with VideoRay Integration Conponents
- Technically compatible, but requires DIY customer integration (see the below).
- Not compatible.

Accessory Compatibility Notes

Please be aware that Blueprint Lab products may require integration including mounting fixtures, connectors, cables, software and/or configuration in order to function properly on VideoRay ROV systems. Contact VideoRay for more information about integration requirements.

Visit the Blueprint Lab website:

Customer assumes all responsibility for Do It Yourself customer integration. VideoRay support is limited to providing techincal data as published on Diagnostic support is not provided. Successful operation is not guaranteed. Damage to equipment during integration or opeation may void the VideoRay product warranty.

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