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Steve Van Meter
Van Meter Consulting

 A pioneer and world leading expert on MicroROV operations, Steve Van Meter purchased the first VideoRay Pro ROV system in 2000 and has been using VideoRay systems since to service clients worldwide in a full range of applications. With over 10 years of field experience and 500 successful projects, Steve is the go-to guy when the job calls for a MicroROV. His services include training, consultation and operational support. His company Van Meter VideoRay Academy provides Certified Basic Operator Training courses for all VideoRay users.

Steve is a leader and innovator in using the VideoRay ROV in the marine industry to solve challenging missions. He pioneered the use of the MicroROV in support of the Offshore Oil & Gas industry and has performed specialized support services in diverse locations from Siberian Russia, Gulf of Mexico, Black Sea, South China Sea, the Caribbean, South America and the Middle East. A few of his clients include the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Border Guard, Chinese Coast Guard, Law Enforcement and Police agencies, and industrial clients Shell Oil, Conoco-Phillps, BP Oil, Abu Dhabi National Oil, Turkish National Gas, Valaro Oil, and Murphy Oil in addition to many other groups and organizations.

 Steve retired in 2005 from the U.S. government after 30 years of service. His last posting was as the Hazardous Duty Robotics Specialist for NASA's Space Shuttle program at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

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