6 - Water Column Display

The Water Column display allows the operator to view the depth of the ROV in the water column. The ROV remains in the center of the display at all times. Since there is no altitude sensor included as part of the CoPilot Sonar system, the height above seabed cannot be shown.

Water Column Display

The sea surface icon is displayed in blue. The current depth of the ROV is represented by a blue triangle. When tracking is active, the objective depth is indicated by a red arrow. The operator can click on the desired depth in the Water Column display and the ROV will be commanded to surface or dive to that depth. The position of the red triangle will update to indicate the operator's selected depth.

The Joystick indicator above the Water Column display will flash yellow if the depth control is not in the center or neutral position. In this situation, the automatic depth control is disabled. Returning the depth control to the center or neutral position will restore automatic depth control.

The Depth Zoom selection above the Water Column display can be used to adjust the scale / range extents of the water column.

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