Dive Operations

Start the VideoRay Pro 4 system and VideoRay Cockpit software as normal, but do not start the BlueView software. Start the CoPilot Sonar operating environment by clicking on the CoPilot icon on the Control Bar. Once the operating environment opens, start CoPilot Sonar by double clicking on the CoPilot Sonar icon.

Launch the ROV and navigate to an area where you suspect an object of interest is located. When you see a sonar target for the object of interest on the CoPilot Sonar screen, click on the target to begin autonomous tracking of the object. Interface controls allow you to adjust the sonar settings and autonomously advance toward or retreat away the object. See the software section for more information about the interface and controls.

Practice Makes Perfect

Developing the skills to operate your CoPilot Sonar like an expert may take some time. Practicing on a regular basis is highly recommended.

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CoPilot Sonar Operator's Manual, Version: 1.00.00
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