Status Indicators and Alarms

6.1 Alarm Panel

The alarm panel is displayed across the bottom of the pilot interface. It displays the current status of each software component that allows VideoRay Sonar CoPilot to run smoothly.

If a software component fails, its name is illuminated in the alarm panel situated along the bottom of the pilot interface.

In normal operation, the bar illustrated below should have no alarms illuminated; when a failure is detected the appropriate alarm will be indicated in RED.

Figure 13 - Alarm Panel

If any alarm is activated, the CoPilot system will automatically switch back to MANUAL, and display the warning "DP Standby"; the pilot must take immediate control of ROV from this point.

Status indicators include:

  • Standby - the system is not tracking
  • Nav Fault - the system is unable to control the VideoRay
  • In Position - the system is tracking a target
  • Joystick - the Joystick is in use
  • Sonar - the Sonar is not responding

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