Mission Specialist Standards of Equipment Care and Handling

Lesson Description

  • The lesson provides specific examples of things to do and, equally important, what not to do with each component.
  • Topics

    1. Let's NOT do this!
    2. ROV
    3. Operator Control Console
    4. Hand Controller
    5. Tether / TDS
    6. Tether / TDS (continued)
    7. Connectors
    8. Connectors (continued)
    9. O-Rings
    10. Corrosion
    11. Disclaimer
  • Lesson Duration: Approximately 11 minutes.

Intended Audience

  • All personnel involved in ROV operations should complete this lesson.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand general requirements for the care of the ROV equipment.
  2. Understand specific requirements for ROV system components before putting them into operation.
  3. Understand specific precautions for ROV system components to prevent known causes of damage caused by improper handling.

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. Mission Specialist Video
  2. How to Use these Lessons
  3. Safety First

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