Pro 4 Maintenance

Course Schedule: Due to the current global pandemic, all future Advanced Maintenance Training Courses will be scheduled on an as needed basis. Please contact VideoRay Training for additional information. REGISTER NOW If you have multiple technicians interested in forming a class please contact our training coordinator - VideoRay will provide all equipment and tools required for the hands-on sections of the class. Attendees will receive an advanced maintenance tool kit to keep. divider blue ABOUT THE COURSE The VideoRay Pro 4 Advanced Maintenance Course is designed for technician level personnel to be able to diagnose, disassemble, repair and reassemble VideoRay ROVs and Control Panels. This course will also include Control Panel maintenance and VideoRay Cockpit software instruction and troubleshooting. Do you need factory level knowledge of your VideoRay? Can you field diagnose problems that may occur during operation? Do you need to support an organization's VideoRay fleet? Are you up to date on the latest system technical information and proven techniques? Contents: The Appropriately Equipped VideoRay Workshop Basic VideoRay Systems Anatomy Diagnostic Procedures Repair / Reassembly Techniques What You Will Learn: The required equipment and personal safety issues for working with VideoRays Necessary and proper techniques for handling VideoRay components How to identify the parts of the ROV and control panel and their function How to isolate problems and identify failed components How to replace and test components up through testing complete systems How to make most VideoRay field and bench repairs. This course uses the Pro 4 Model as the primary system. Pro 3 systems will not be covered Course Prerequisites: COMPLETION OF THE VIDEORAY PRO 4 BASIC OPERATOR COURSE along with: Basic understanding of your VideoRay Pro 4 system components. Basic understanding of the care and handling of underwater systems. Experience with electronic test equipment. Experience with soldering and electronic assembly. Price: $3,995/person (*does not include transportation or lodging) divider blue ROVS Mission Specialist VideoRay Pro 4 ROV Upgrades Trade-Up Program ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS Accessories Accessory Packages Tether Maintenance / Repair Kits Recovery and Retrieval Tool Kit University Research Kit SUPPORT Contact Support Authorized Service Centers User Manuals Software Downloads Comprehensive Maintenance Program Annual ROV Check-Up Warranty Insights APPLICATIONS Aquaculture Infrastructure Law Enforcement Hydroelectric Nuclear Offshore & Shipping Maritime Salvage Military Science & Research Water Management Sport Broadcast HD GSA Advantage sm ISO Cert Logo IMCA1 Copyright 2020, VideoRay LLC The Global Leader In MicroROV Technology VideoRay is a registered trademark of VideoRay LLCEmail: Phone : +1 610 458 3000

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