Creating and Using Charts

Creating and Using Charts
, Creating and Using Charts

Section 11

Using Charts in Greensea

After creating your chart, copy it to the desired folder on the Operator Control Console.

If you are going to be making charts on a regular basis, you should create a base folder called "charts" or something similar. You can create project folders within your charts folder to help keep your charts organized.


  1. Start the Greensea software.
  2. Make sure the Map view is available (using F1 or F4).
  3. Select the Map Config tab from the tabs under the map area.
  4. Select the Charts sub-tab on the left.
  5. Use one of the following methods to load the chart.
    • Method 1
      1. Click on the "Import File (or drag and drop file onto map)" button.
      2. Browse to the desired file location.
      3. Select the desired file and click the Open button.
    • Method 2
      1. Open a File Explorer window.
      2. Navigate to find your chart file.
      3. Drag and drop the chart file from the File Explorer window onto the map area.
  6. The map area will automatically zoom to the newly loaded chart.

You can load more than one chart, such as aerial and bathymetric views of the same area. You can also change the opacity of each chart. Reducing the opacity can help with sonar image analysis and interpretation.

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