Updating Firmware

To use vr_refresh on modules connected to the communications module, you need to open a virtual port and specify the port to use. See vr_create_virtport_all.sh for more information.

Example firmware update commands for different modules (in each case, X.Y.Z should be replaced by the actual version number):

Power Module

  • vr_refresh -i 1 ~/firmware/power_converter-X.Y.Z.hex --block_size 16384

Communications Module

  • vr_refresh -i 2 ~/firmware/comms_hub-X.Y.Z.hex --block_size 16384

AHRS Module

  • vr_refresh -c vrport2 -i 3 ~/firmware/attitude_sensor-X.Y.Z.hex --block_size 16384

Thruster Module (Use the correct Node ID)

  • vr_refresh -i 5 ~/firmware/motor_controller-X.Y.Z.hex

Camera Module

  • vr_refresh -c vrport3 -i 4 ~/firmware/camera_adapter-X.Y.Z.hex --block_size 16384

LED Module (Use the correct Node ID)

  • vr_refresh -i 11 ~/firmware/led_controller-X.Y.Z.hex

Firmware Block Sizes

Module Block Size Comms Path
Power Module 16384 Direct
Communications Module 16384 Direct
AHRS Module 16384 vport2
Power Module Default Direct
Camera Module 16384 vport3
LED Module Default Direct

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