Auto Pitch

Auto Pitch can be used to maintain an existing Pitch, or pitch the vehicle to a specified Pitch. Auto Pitch is designed to be as seamless as possible so that you can pilot without having to constantly engage and disengage it when alternating between hovering and changing pitch.

How Auto Pitch Works

When Auto Pitch is engaged, the ROV will automatically respond to changes in Pitch (measured by the IMU in the NAV module) by applying vertical thrust to maintain the current pitch.

Using Auto Pitch to Maintain Pitch

To engage Auto Pitch, click on the Auto Pitch button. This will engage Auto Pitch at the current Pitch. You will also notice a pitch value in square brackets in the text overlay. This indicates the target pitch. To tilt the vehicle to a new Pitch, press the the Pitch control buttons on the joystick until the target value reaches the desired Pitch, or type in the desired Pitch next to the Auto Pitch button and click the Apply button. You can zero the pitch using the Zero Pitch control button.

Additional Notes

When Auto Pitch is On, the vertical thrusters may spin on their own. Keep fingers, hair and objects away from the vertical thrusters when Auto Pitch is On.

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MSS Defender Operator's Manual, Version: 1.00.00
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